Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Arena event at Oatridge report

Hi All

I entered the arena event at Snec last weekend. It was a long time ago when I last competed at one so can't really remember it. Most winters I have been struggling to keep my horse in work but this year he has had a bit more on

Entered two classes - pre novice and novice. In hindsight I should have just gone for the Novice as the PN class wasn't up to height. Which is unusual as LS usually builds full up. Maybe due to the weather/middle of winter but he built a nice course, it was just around 90cm rather than 1m.

Anyway I wasn't on till 2.30pm so have a leisurely alarm time. I even turned J out for two hours before getting ready!
Bathed, loaded up and headed over to SNEC only to find they were half an hour behind.

Watched several go - there were two courses up - first course a SJ track, with one double, total 8 fences. Once finished you pulled up then waited for the bell. Both rounds were timed (325mpm for SJ and 350mpm XC). Once gone you went on to jump xc course - which I had hoped would be over working hunter jumps but they were all SJ again, except fence 3 was a style, fence 4 a corner (poles) then 3 strides to an upright, onto a triple bar then round the corner to a bounce, then a water tray that you jumped across (with a low pole over the top) and over the last upright to finish.

We had one down in the first class, he was behind the leg and ended up not taking longer strides over a couple but all in all a good round. Felt that it was too small so put him on and walked the course for the Novice - which was more a 1m05 rather than a 1.10m. however I should have just gone home after the first class! I decided to get him ahead of my leg and I think he got a bit worried - that and probably not being fit enough for the two rounds - we ended up having two fences down in each round.

Having watch the video, i rode better in the second class but I think he was tired and I'm disappointed in myself for pushing him. I should have just jumped the Novice but I was a bit worried that it would be mahoosive.

you live and learn.

Anyway pic from the Pre Novice


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Larry update, a BS report

Hi all

So since sitting on Larry he had been slowly recovering on field rest, in at night. He was a bit stiff in the mornings but that was due to standing and he walked it off after a couple of strides. When he came in at night, his swelling was down and he was sound.

Well, that was until a week last Thursday night. Went to bring in and he was reluctant to walk up the field. Wandered down to catch him to find him generally stiff in the leg and his leg was swollen and hot. Managed to get him in up the easy bit and called work. Discussed with vet who saw him last time and I decided to take him in as after a 5 minute conversation he was toe touching in walk

Loaded him up, slowly, and bless him, he went on first time. Such a nice lad for a just-turned-4yo. Drove through and it turned out he had cellulitis. We were a bit worried as the swelling was also around the tendon and he had a pocket of swelling over his joint that had undergone the flushing so we weren’t taking any chances. He was scanned and x-rayed then kept in for the weekend.

It’s a relief that it is cellulitis as its now on its way to being healed. He was having cold hosing twice daily and 10 min walks out, then dry legs and Flamazine, but since being home the cold hosing is out as its all frozen (think he is happy with that though) and its just simple bathing of legs, drying and slapping the flamazine on.
He is also on anti-b’s (Trimethoprim/Sulfadiazine) and suxibuzone although the dose for that is quite low. He has to be on normal turnout.

He has been home for a few days now, and his leg is back to normal, a bit swollen in the morning, but down by the evening (with the exception of the irritating mud fever that caused the cellulitis) but he seems quite happy to be back. We have had words about him liking it too much at work (he gets lots of cuddles) and is banned from returning!
The only downside is that all his bald bits were growing back (iv line and his legs) and they are now bald again!!

Anyway, pics of him home in his travel gear

His leg slapped with Flamazine

I know he doesn’t suit orange but as I love the colour he has to lump it!

Now BS report:

I took J to Kingsbarns just after New Year. Only just got the pics loaded sorry its taken a while.

Decided to head to KB and jump BN and Discovery – had been able to ride J over the xmas holidays a bit to feel ok about jumping the two classes (I’m always worried about fitness with my horses – paranoid even)

Anyway, I have only been to KB a couple of times now and I like the place, the warm up is bigger than SNEC and Rowallan and the main arena a tad smaller perhaps but not too small that it feels tight. I would say that horses seem to spook more in the KB arena but no idea why.

Entered BN and warmed up, it was a 2 phase although the schedule said A7. Went double clear and did some nice turns back and inside so went into the lead waited for several riders (think there was about 25 in the class and I went early on) to finish and was still in the lead (was getting abit excited as we have often come second/third and I was hoping that this might be J’s day as we had really jumped off to win rather than just going for a nice clear). The third last to go went in and had a very bad fall – I think the horse may have fallen too which is awful but I saw the horse way fine. She was in a bad way and they called an ambulance. I put J away at this point having decided that he had gone well enough in the BN that I would just head home instead of doing the Disco. It was about 45 mins before the class resumed. The rider was standing by the time the ambulance arrive so hopefully she wasn’t too badly hurt – does anyone know??
The class then resumed and the last two went in – and beat me so we came 3rd. We have 2nd/3rd itis but I’m not complaining – at least its consistent

Clever J. A bit more money on his card and a 3rd double clear in BN. As I got him out of the lorry for the prize giving, I found out that the course was staying the same for the Discovery and that the first to go number hadn’t been put on the board so I decided I would just stay and jump it

Warmed up and went in, he was very flat in the warm up – adding to my worries that he wasn’t fit enough but when I went in he perked up.

Video was done by a friend who hasn’t video’ed before.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Ooops finally managed to write Fox News!

Hi all,

Finally managed to get the newsletter written.  Apologies to those who normally receive a Christmas card from us - we never managed to get them out in time this year!

So here it is.




So another year flies by and we still didn’t manage to get Christmas cards to you all so it’s a Happy New Year from us!

Its been a busy year with ups and downs, so here is a recap on our year!

The new building has been brilliant and it has been lovely having the horses stabled at night when the wind is howling and the rain hammering down.  We also finished building the wonderful all weather arena which looks and rides amazing, it has allowed me to have weekly lessons during the season. It has an amazing view but can be a bit breezy! 

Horse update!
Earlier in the year I bought a new horse, Charlie, a 6yo Hannovarian X TB.  He was a project to take eventing.  Unfortunately after 8 weeks Charlie was kicked in the elbow and developed a septic joint.  Following surgery we couldn’t fix his injury and he was put to sleep L. Spock the Shetland pony joined the Kirkdean Clan to keep Jack company following the loss of Charlie.  Spock is a cheeky yearling and likes to go everywhere quickly! 

Larry also joined us in October, he is a 3yo Irish Sports Horse who I hope to break in to event.  I am aiming for the 5yo qualifiers in 2014 with him, that is if he can keep himself out of injury.  History tried to repeat itself with Larry;  he too was kicked, this time in the hock (different horses causing injury) and developed a septic joint.  This time following surgery the infection was brought under control and he came home.  He is such a lovely horse and has coped with weeks of box rest well.  Spock and the goats (yes, goats!  More on them later!) were doing a sterling job to keep him entertained during this time.

Will keep you posted on his education!

Jack has been going well, at the start of the year I had planned to move him up to Novice (1.10m).  Unfortunately the British weather had other ideas and sevon out of eleven events I had entered were cancelled!  We stuck to BE100 due to this and saw an improvement in our dressage scores. My aim for 2013 is to get a bit faster and try to make the time cross country.  I also registered with British Showjumping to be able to get out when the events were called off.  We have had some success at BS shows, finishing 2nd regularly!

The 2013 eventing calendar has just been released and I have been planning the season ahead.  Fingers crossed that it stays dry or I may have to emigrate!

What a fantastic year we have had with the sheep!  Yellabelly Rudolph our 2 shear tup won breed champion at the Royal Highland Show then won breed champion again at the Great Yorkshire Show before it was cancelled due to the bad weather. 

It was great fun competing at showing the sheep, Goldhammer our 4-horn tup was also sold at the Stirling show and sale – at the show he won breed champion which is fantastic as he was our first ever four-horn that we bred.  We had to sell him as he was related to the rest of the flock so needed to go to a different flock elsewhere. 

We also purchased a new tup, this time a lamb. We had planned to buy a shearling but couldn’t afford any!  We headed down to York show and sale but all the tups we liked were out of our price range by a mile!  Luckily for us, we managed to purchase Quendale from the breeder – we have run him this year with a couple of ewes this season to make sure everything is working!  He is a lovely looking tup so fingers crossed he turns out to be as good as Rudolph!

During our trip to York, there was a multitude of animals for sale, including some Pygmy Goats.  Since visiting a friend recently I had been badgering John to let me get some goats but he didn’t want them.  He was extremely cross with me for registering our goat flock with the local Defra office – receiving the letter did not go down well!  Anyway, thankfully I managed to convince John to have a look at the goats in the sale pen!  They were twin boys (castrated) and after a discussion with the owner (they hadn’t sold in the sale so we approached the owner afterwards) we bought them!! John said I should have named them ‘Totally’ and ‘Pointless’ but I decided that Frank and Eric was much better!

They now have orange collars on and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Santa brings them a nice field shelter for Christmas J

I think that’s it!  We have another busy year coming!  Eventing with Jack, some small shows with Larry, show and sales with the sheep and maybe, if we can fit it in, a short holiday away!

Have a great 2013, hope to see you soon.
Lots of love from Caz, John, Islay, Ember, Jock, Jack, Larry, Spock, Faya, Frank, Eric and all the sheep!