Saturday, 24 September 2011

Woo Hoo - We won!

Sorry its been a while since I last blogged.

I am now fully recovered following my fall off Jack and have bought a new hat, body protector and been out riding. Most recently I went to Turnberry to compete in the BE100 however the ground was a little deep as it had rained so much leading up to the event, I decided to pull out after dressage. I think the organisers did a sterling job its just that Jack doesn't like deep going.

I did take him earlier in August to Drumclog, for the BE100. It was Jack's second 100 (And his first event since the fall) and I was pleased to finish clear XC and just the one down SJ. As for dressage I need to seriously take some time to improve this as our scores are slipping!

Photos of Jack and I!

Video of us SJ at Drumclog on YouTube

We didn't get placed as we picked up too many time faults but I am pleased with how we went. Jack is a bit nervous of any movement down his right side (the side I fell off) so it was good to have the run.

Unfortunately Hutton-in-the-forest was also cancelled so I think we are now unwinding for the winter months. Did you hear? we are apparently expecting snow in OCTOBER!!!!!!!

Now for the best news.......

John and I competed at Westmorland County with the Hebrideans last week. It was our second time at the show but the first time we halter trained the sheep. After the Royal Highland and the Border Union (national hebridean sheep show) we were discussing improving our chances - not that we had done badly as we picked up 3rd and 4th placings - and it was suggested that we halter trained them.

So off we went with our selection of home bred sheep. We felt that our best chance was Bryland Jetsam, a 1yo ewe who will be put in lamb this year. She is such a pretty ewe and I think the judge agreed as she won her class!

So after Jetsam won her class we took her into the championship, there were some excellent sheep so we were speechless when she was also awarded champion!!!

Unfortunately this did mean we had to take her into the inter-breed championship and the heavens opened for the whole of the judging. We were absolutely drenched but still very very happy that our own little homebred ewe is a champion!

So next time, I will try not to leave it so long in between posts.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Funny video

Hello all

I don't really have anything to post except I thought you might like to see this video

Jack seems to have taken a liking to thistles and is doing a really good job at stopping them from seeding!