Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Just an update on Larry

Hi all

Just to fill those in who don't know. Earlier this year I lost Charlie (who I had owned for 8 weeks) to a septic elbow - he had been kicked in the field by my mare (who I sold) and after having the vet out 3 times due to the wound not healing, the infection penetrated the joint and we couldn't get on top of it even with surgery.

Following this, my best friend (Lab) in the world developed pancreatitis, she was taken into work (I work at a vets) and thankfully got better but was pretty bad for a few days.

Then she developed a lump so had this removed - turns out it was a lipoma so hopefully no more will grow.

Then I bought Larry - my lovely 3yo chestnut gelding who although bought unseen (vetted though) turned out to have a super temperament and is a lovely horse to have around.

Guttingly (if thats a word) he was kicked in the field on Wed night, I chucked him on the box and took him through to work. The wound was close to his hock - I wasn't taking any chances. After examining it, it looked fine so he was bandaged up and kept in overnight - just to be certain - and re-examined the following morning.

After reviewing him on Thursday morning, It had developed into a septic tibiotarsal joint. Can't really describe how I felt.

Took to theatre for joint flushing and even though he is a big boy, he did what we hoped and recovered well from his GA. He's been pumped full of antibiotics and is behaving impeccably. I went through to see him again today and he is still sound. He had another tap which came back with a low cell count so was taken off injectable AntiB’s. He is coming home tomorrow. He'll be on oral AB's for a while, box rest for 10 days until sutures removed, then box rest for another 10 days, then controlled exercise building up to full turnout for around 30 days.

It will be a couple of weeks before we can be absolutely sure that he is better but at least he is on the right road.

Will be glad when this year ends - this is the 5th insurance claim I have had to put in so I'm guessing my premiums will go up I've certainly had my moneys worth this year.

Couldn't face putting anything on here the other day as have been on tenterhooks waiting (feeling a bit sick), however I feel a bit more optimistic now so thought I would share. I’m also knackered as have had loads of sleepless nights so hopefully I can relax a bit once he is home.