Monday, 27 February 2012

Jack would like to join in the Blog

Hi everyone, Jack here. 

Mum says I can write on here but my hooves were too big for the keys so I have enlisted her help to dictate for me - blame her for any spelling or punctuation - if I could get a keyboard large enough it would be perfect!

Anyway this weekend was a bit tough for me I have to say, this nice lady arrived on Saturday morning to say hello to me and gave me a pat - or so I thought she was nice - the next thing was that she stabbed my neck with something that made me very drowsy and put some large metal thing in my mouth.  To be honest I can't really remember the rest as I was a bit woozy but Mum said afterwards that it was the horse dentist.  She found lots of sharp bits in my teeth that were rasped down and I have to have the whole thing done again next year!  Not sure I am happy about that but I had noticed that I could feel sharp bits on my tongue when I was eating so at least its smooth now and I can get on eating the lovely hay that Mum provides.

Once I felt better following the sedation (that what Mum called it anyway) I went out in the field - I'm getting a bit fed up of the grass in the winter paddock now - its a bit tasteless - Mum says that the grass needs to start to grow soon then we can all move into the summer fields.  This will be great although the winter field is much bigger and we can all get up to mischief better in there.  My friend Mack and I love playing although Mack can get a bit rough and my rug ends up a bit drafty afterwards.

On Sunday, Macks Mum Helen came to bring us all in from the field - we had fun racing each other in as the hay is much nicer than the grass.  We also get some lovely carrots and crunchy stuff in a bucket which is delicious - Mum calls it 'hard feed'.  Anyway once we were all in; Rocky, Mack, Fozy and myself.  Helen took Rocky and Mack away in the box on wheels.  Meanwhile mum put my 'tack' on and met a nice lady called Liz who was here to give her a flatwork lesson.  All I can say about 'flatwork lessons' is that they are really hard work, I have to walk, trot and canter round in circles in the big area with the nice soft ground (the 'arena' apparently) for what seems like a season - Mum says its only for 45 minutes but I have no idea what than means so I'm going with a season - I can follow that 'cos my coat and the daylight length changes.
I did have a scary moment during the lesson though, the top end of the 'arena' is a bit scary and I hate things behind me as they make me jump, not sure what it was but all I wanted to do was run away fast - Mum managed to get me under control but before I could have a relax to get over my fright, she had me back doing those trot circles again - I was not amused.

After my lesson, I said goodbye to the nice lady - she gave me some Polo Mints so she can come again - and Mum gave me a feed and turned me out in the field with Fozy.  We were munching grass when Helen arrived back with Rocky and Mack.  Mack tells me they were also having a lesson but they were jumping which sound like much more fun to me!  Maybe I should ask Mum if I can do that next week instead of flatwork.

Anyway, enough from me, hope you like my report.  Mum says that if people ask for more, she will let me do others and in payment I will get extra carrots and polos - so I would be very grateful if you could ask Mum to let me continue!

Clip Clop!


Fozy, Me and Mack

Me and my pals, Mack, Fozy, Me and Rocky

Thursday, 23 February 2012

To my Dad

This day last year was one of the saddest days of my life.  I lost my Dad

It was such a shock, he went very suddenly and I never got to say goodbye.  I still go to my phone sometimes to try and call him then with sadness I realise I can't and will never be able to again.

So I just wanted to say Dad that I miss you, and wish you were still here.  I hope that you are up there having a blast with Grandad, Nana and Aunty Lesley along with all the friends that we have met and lost along the way.

My Dad

Dad with Aunty Sue, John and I

Until we meet again. xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dressaging it!

I took jack to his first show of the year on Sunday,  having not done any schooling for ages I was just going along for some fun!

so on Saturday in preparation,  Helen and I attacked him with some clippers (although my lines are a bit wonky!) and then I bathed him.  It took 4 attempts on Saturday and one more go on Sunday morning to get his tail clean! The joys of owning a grey horse....

Anyway, recently I came across a lovely tweed riding jacket with orange collar and bought it :D :D  (my hubby did roll his eyes!) so it was showcased on Sunday at the dressage.  To go along with the matchy matchy trend I also bought an orange bling browband for Jack to wear! 

On Sunday we travelled the long (4 mile) journey to West Linton and did the Prelim 4 and Prelim 10 classes.  Although jack was a little stiff on the left rein (that needs LOADS of schooling to fix) we came 3rd in the restricted P4 and were last in the open P10.  He found the lovely cameralady a little scary so spooked every time we went past!

Anyway coming home with a frilly at our first dressage test of the year isn't bad - especially when dressage is not my strong point!

Blingy browband!

About to spook at the judge!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Arena build completed!

The arena is now complete, here are some piccies of it in build :D :D

at the start - levelling the ground

drains and stone

fencing going in

And finally... all levelled and completed ready for the wood fibre surface

Look at the view!

can be a bit breezy though!!

And finally it has now been christened!

was very cold that day!! But it wasn't frozen!

have also purchased a leveller and had a small jump on it :D :D

Very pleased with the results :D :D

Better get my finger out now hadn't i!