Thursday, 20 September 2012

Please give a warm welcome to.......


Following the sad loss of Charlie, I have spent the summer sorting out insurance claims and saving up for another horse. Unfortunately I can’t save up masses of pennies but it was enough for me to have a looksy around to see if there was anything that caught my eye.

I have decided that I’d like to take on an unbroken 3yo, and to aim for 4yo (most likely 5yo) young event horse or BE qualifiers.

Anyway, I found Larry, he was bought as a 6mo foal from the breeder in Ireland and his last owner has been showing him in-hand as a 2yo and 3yo.

He is ISH, 3/4TB and 1/4 ID, his mum is a premium graded ISH broodmare and his dad Golden Lariat (TB). He sailed the vetting and was loaded up on horse transporter yesterday morning and spent last night in Penrith before heading up to me. He arrived at 5pm tonight, went into the field, had a mooch about and came back for his dinner/rugging up and seems quite happy (although he may also be tired!)

I think he will be a nice project. I’d like to back him before winter but the weather is just on the turn here and is pretty miserable, I’d prefer to do a concentrated effort then turn him away so there is a chance I may put him on livery for a couple of weeks so I can ride him daily.

Anyway if not, he can have the winter here chilling out, before I back him next spring.

So pics of Larry the lamb:

Loading in the transporter:

I like trucking, I like trucking, I like trucking....

Pretty Boy!

Meeting my hubby!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hutton BE report

Photo by Grossick Photography.  Isn't it brill!
Hi All

I just wanted to write a quick report. Took J to Hutton on Saturday for the BE100, as our times were 1pm, 4pm and 4.30pm it wasn't such an early start for me!

OH decided to come along too, but he spent the journey listening to his audiobook

Bathed, plaited and loaded to be on the road for 9am. arrived at 11.30 as we stopped for fuel. Well laid out venue, lorry park in between the dressage and jumping.

Did dressage first, BE102 test. pleased as we got 33.5 which is our best yet.

Still lots to work on - walk transitions and canter in general.

Showjumping was good, ground a bit sticky. had loads of time between sections so I gave him a feed. As it was hot he drank alot too.

One down SJ, really need to break this 4 faultitis-at-events problem!!

Onto XC, he was brilliant. I tried for the time more than normal, we still picked up 5 time penalties but better than 12 which is what we usually get and I felt he was fitter this time. there were a few good fences, the corner, skinny out of the water and a box brush fence - it was large - and typically the one fence we stood off a mile from!

Anyway, he never backed off or looked at a thing!

So pleased we finished 7th :D

Pro photos to follow once I've bought them!

Here are hubbys pics: