Sunday, 22 January 2012

Not sure what to write about!

Hi All

I promised that I would try and blog more this year (one of my NY resolutions!) so here is my second blog!

Not much happening here, we have finished the building - all the stables, cctv and electrics are now in, with a lovely large light on the outside to get the horses in at night!

Still more to do, the arena is underway with the fencing going in - if the weather holds out we might be finished in a couple of weeks, then it will be the muck heap and the gateway to finish and hey presto no more building works for a VERY long time!!!

Might start doing a bit of tree planting!  or fencing, or nothing except enjoying riding the horses!

I have entered the Point Two air jackets competition and would love it if you could watch my video (and share with your friends) as the highest number of views counts :)

It only takes a minute and I need around 5000 views to get anywhere close to the current leader! :D

Thats all for now.

will be back very soon:)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year, New Blogging!

Hi all

I've been having a few problems with stolen identity so had to close my email accounts - unfortunately it didn't help the blog as all of the old photos were lost!

So, as its the New Year (Yipee) I'm starting afresh!

The weather here has been miserable, snowing then raining, then gales, then gales with heavy rain.  Starting to wish the snow was here!

Anyway, we are nearly complete with the all-weather arena, just a couple of weeks of good weather needed.  Now that Christmas is over, the horses holidays are at an end and they are (sort of) back in work.  Although only really being ridden once a week due to the concern I might get blown off!

Haggis has had his bits chopped and has been weaned, looking for a nice home for mum Ellie now, long term loan.  If you know anyone - has to be in Scotland though.

I have a new horse!  He is a superstar - retired 2* eventer and Medium dressager.  He has settled in really well and is lovely to have around.  He is very tall but I have got used to him now and don't really notice it except when I use a mounting block to get his rug on!

Anyway here's to 2012.  Lets hope its better than 2011.