Sunday, 25 March 2012

What weather!

This weekend has been glorious, hot sunny days have made it feel like spring is finally here. Let's hope it lasts!

Saturday I had a lovely visit from Lou and her horse for some SJ practice. 

Jumpy jumps set up in the arena
I did give Jack a jump in the afternoon, need to work on going forwards a bit more.  Next weekend is our first XC competition at Montrave.  We are doing the 3' class. 

Helen also joined me to give her horse Mack a jump.  Unfortunately Mack and I had a disagreement at a fence - he thought it was spookier than I did so he felt I would be much better on my own!!  At least I can now say that the surface is very soft!

Last night we went for dinner at Assam's Cafe, a new restaurant that has opened in Edinburgh followed by an evening watching Spamalot at the Edinburgh Playhouse - I laughed until my sides hurt then spent last night singing 'always look on the bright side of life' in my sleep! Can thoroughly recommend!

Woop woop the clocks went forward - BST is now!

went to look at a horse as a project but unfortunately her owner really wanted much more for her than I could afford. 

Helped John fly the bird, although Faya chose to spend some of her time walking much to the amusement of the young ewes!

Watch the funny video to see:

Oh yes and the other day we brought the expecting girls in ready for lambing week (1st April)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Look, No jackets!

Hello everyone

Jack here, mum has said I can put another update on the blog.  I keep asking her to get on and do it but she keeps telling me she is busy.

Anyway last weekend I had another 'flatwork' lesson with Liz, she thinks I am getting a bit better and says its a slow process doing it the right way.  She asked mum is she was bothered that we hadn't cantered in a lesson yet - Mum said she didn't mind as it was all good building blocks but she could have asked me for some input, I'm very happy to canter, I find it easy but mum says I'm too much 'on my forehand' whatever than means.

Nice view!
It was such a nice day, I didn't really mind what mum wanted me to do. And the cars on the road didn't scare me quite as much.

Bonus = polo's again :D

Once my lesson was finished I actually managed to spend the day without my jacket on, it was lovely to get some sun on my back and even better to get as dirty as possible!

Sunday came with Mum calling me up the field to tell me that we were going cross country schooling and then to a 'beach', never heard of one before but hoped it wasn't like 'flatwork'

Anyway the schooling was fun, I went in the truck that Mack owns with his Mum, Helen.  its a lovely truck as its not too tiring for us and very breezy.  We get to look out of the window and watch the other trucks following us while munching on hay, its quite pleasant really.

We went to somewhere called Smeaton, there were lots of jumps to go over, I had a great time with Mum telling me what a good lad I was.

Warming up with my mate Mack

Mack showing me how much he loves it

this was the first of three jumps in a line

Mum says she wasn't keen on the dip after the jump, but it was really fun!



Once we had finished we didn't even get out gear taken off, we were offered some water (that was very refreshing as it was so hot) then were taken to the so called beach.

Mack telling me what a beach is

WOW, the beach is cool!

Mack told me it was full of moving water and was really refreshing.  I've never seen anything like it, its just this massive open space!
Open space all around
Hello Justin the cameraman!

I think lots of people also like it as the beach was covered in people and their dogs, still Mum kept me away from them and we still had lots of fun playing.

Syncronised galloping

I don't really like the moving water, it kind of chases you and makes you jump, Mum says its a bit weird sitting on me when the water is rushing in as it feels like I am still moving when I'm not!

All in all a great weekend I'd say!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fun packed weekend :D

Well, as we are short staffed at work I offered to be a night nurse on Thursday night, so by 8am Friday I had finished work for the weekend (ok so I had been up for 12 hours but I didn’t feel tired at all!).  Tried to have a couple of hours sleep but it didn’t work so instead I had a lazy day. 

Don’t you just love them!  I snuggled on the sofa with dug, watched Cocktail and Music & Lyrics (had that song in my head all weekend) and then rode in the afternoon.  Just did some interval training with J, as I had missed it on Thurs.  We are doing 4 mins trot, 2 mins walk repeated 3 times, followed by 2 min canter, 2 min walk repeated 3 times.  Once the clocks change we will build this up and include some hill sprints up the field.  Although it doesn’t seem like much I can tell that J is feeling fitter.

Anyway, sat wasn’t really a horsey day other than Helen, (with hubby) and I went for a hack.   I helped John take loads of rubbish to the tip, went for a dog walk, then fed the sheepies together - I filmed a very sproingy sheep –
Check out 1min 9 seconds
All in all a good day :D

On Sunday it was the Almond Riding Club day at SNEC, I went with Helen in her lorry, taking her Mack and my Jack.  We both did prelim 13 and we were on at 3.30!  felt weird leaving after lunch! 

Anyway J was a bit spooked by people but we managed a mixture of hap hazard and calm to become 6th (60%).

Onto jumping :D I had entered the 90cm and 1m, I felt a bit rusty as it was our first show of the year, but J jumped a clear in both classes and had a pole in both jump offs – all rider error


On Monday we then went up to Gleneages for a XC schooling session with St David Gatherer.  I was a little annoyed that there were 7 in our group especially as it was £52 each!  Not sure if anyone else feels that was a bit steep.  The lesson lasted about 2 hours as there was so many of us, and J was quite tense about having people in front trot/canter off without a word behind them. That really annoys me when people do that!

Also as there was so many people it was a bit of a fight to try not to be last to go, with J getting very worried as people galloped off to jump a couple I got talking to a lovely lady whose horse was being perfect, she kindly let me go in front of her and I spent most of the lesson close to her horse as he was a calming influence for J (so thank you – sorry I can’t remember your name – your horse Freddie was lovely :D)
Anyway David does a great job at balancing everyone, so although I felt the lesson had too many people for the price, I do feel we got out of it what we set off to achieve. 
We all jumped the first 3 fences but got to choose the height, I stuck with intro at first them moved up to PN, with a couple of Novice heights.  There were roll tops, gates, stone wall with drops to roll top, some doubles of gates & logs, water jump with palisade 3 strides to hanging log, then slosh through the water to a skinny jump out.  Coffin to palisade, brush fence then arrow heads to a golf ball (!)
I didn’t do the trochanter as I’m a bit windy about them and J was jumping his heart out, despite the jockey riding like an idiot – David would like me to improve my upper body position over the fences, I think you can see that I fold a bit on landing on the videos above, but happy for any CC you can offer :D I am also riding a couple of holes longer than I do normally, after having a winter off my ankles require a bit of time to get used to being in short stirrups again so I am riding longer than I would prefer! 
J also gave a couple of people a lead over the jumps, he was jumping anything I put him to and I think he enjoyed himself.  He did not feel tired by the end at all so I think his interval training is getting him fitter. Sorry I have no photees/vids of the schooling though.   I think people liked him as I had a couple of people tell me what a lovely horse he was, one very nice lady came over to give him a treat – I don’t think she believed me when I said that he was nervous of people – since the treat he kept sidling up to her for more!! 

So looking forward to the season ahead now.  Planning on doing some more xc schooling this weekend, then heading to Montrave for their hunter trials and ideally Auchinleck intro (although I may do PN depending on his Montrave run?)

Anyway, thats all for this week :D

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Me again, Mum is making me work really hard!

Well since my lesson in the arena Mum has been discussing something called interval training.  apparently it is to get me fit and reduce the risk of injury.  I like the sound of no injury but the getting fit bit makes me feel tired!

Mum told me that she has devised a fitness training plan - which she has printed off and stuck on the noticeboard in the barn.

I hope you feel sorry for me after reading it, I'm going to be knackered and I thoroughly expect to have more carrots as a reward if I'm doing that much work.

Mum is aiming to do the following:

Monday - 'Flatwork'
Tuesday - day off - phew!
Wednesday - Jumping - yeehaa!
Thursday - Interval Training
Friday 'Flatwork'
Weekend - hacking or competitions.

She says she might change things around but I wish she would add some more days off - I like being in the field!

Last weekend Mum decided to start the Interval stuff - and Mack had to do it too so at least I had company.

We did 5 minutes walk then section 1 = 5 min trot, 2 min walk repeated 2 times followed by section 2 = 2 min canter, 2 min walk repeated 2 times.  To finish off we walked for 5-10 minutes.

All I can say is that a minute is an AGE!  Seems like forever when I am doing it and Mum is really pushing me - I think she is mean but she has pointed out that the heart rate monitor she is using is telling her I'm coping just fine.  Might have to bite it when I can so she stops using it!

Then, on Thursday I was happily minding my own business in the field when Mum came and made me do it all again!  5 min walk, then 4 min trot, 2 min walk 3 times followed by 2 min canter, 2 min walk twice.  I wouldn't mind if it had been later in the day, but it had only just got light and I normally sleep in the morning.

Today I was told that Mum had a flatwork lesson - MORE WORK!!!! - maybe she should put a saddle on and let me ride her instead.  She said that her legs hurt at the end of the lesson but there was no comment about my legs!  The nice lady gave me some polo mints though so she is welcome to come back.

Getting some lovely Polo Mints

It wasn't all standing around honest - I am knackered!
Until next time

Clip Clop!


Ps a short video of mum practicing her position!